Review #303. Charbay Bourbon Crusaders Pick

​Review #303 – Charbay: Bourbon Crusaders Pick

Whiskey Network Review #303 | /r/Bourbon Review #172 – Charbay Bourbon Crusader’s Singlw Barrel, 147pf | 73.5% ABV

Stock photo from interwebz, I’m not certain which bottle my sample came from

I fought the urge to throw some 3OH!3 lyrics in here given that is is my 303rd review. Y’all are welcome.

Style: Strange Whiskey

Producer: Charbay (California)

Proof: 147pf | 73.5% ABV

Source: Sample

Nose: Huge hoppy, oily, almost vegetal nose with lots of grain and hop characteristics. Sweet, toffee, some ethanol (don’t blame it for 147pf)

Taste: Wow. Just fuckin wow. Massive, oily mouthfeel. Huge flavor. The burn is real but it’s definitely forgiving despite the proof. Huge hoppy, stouty notes concentrated with tons of coffee, toffee, caramel, oak. Sweet, vegetal, like nothing I’ve every tried before.

Finish: Long, brutally hot but that’s to be expected. Sweet, malty. Hoppy, stouty. Massive flavor even here, sweet toffee and an extra something I just cant explain.

Overall: This was phenomenal. It’s weird as hell but I dig it. I’m giving this a 9. I want a bottle and I”m going to do everything I can to get more of this even though it’s a long shot. I’m left just wow’ing to myself.

Thanks for reading!

Rating: 9

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