Review #304. SMWS 74.124 A Symphony of Oak

Whiskey Network Review #304 | /r/Scotch Review #125 – SMWS 74.124 – A Symphony of Oak (Mortlach 28yr) 111.8pf | 55.9% ABV

Proof: 111.8

Distillation Date: 9/22/1987

Bottling Date: 2015

Maturation: Refill Hogshead, Ex-Bourbon

Source: /r/scotchswap sample

Nose: ​sticky toffee, bakery sweets, yeasty dough, vanilla, cream, mild brine, thick caramel, mild damp woodiness

Taste:​ medium but coats well, sweet but hot, very cream and vanilla forward with toffee and caramel very prevalent.mildly floral and good citrus. There’s some meaty savor here also. Typical Mortlach.

Finish: ​long some heat but complex and sweet

Overall: Overall, I’m still riding the high from 26.105 but this was also a very high quality dram. I thoroughly enjoyed it and my faith in SMWS grows (still kind of new to trying all their things). There was some heat in the palate that I thought was oddly out of place but overall it still duked it out with a flavor profile I really enjoy while living up to the Mortlach game. For this reason, I’m giving this a rank 7.

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Rating: 7

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