Review #305. Bookers Rye

​Review #305 – Booker’s Rye

Whiskey Network Review #305 | /r/Bourbon Review #173 – Booker’s Rye, 101.2pf | 50.6% ABV

Proof: 136.2

Mashbill: 70/30 (estimated)

Release Year: Spring 2016

Age: 13yr1mo12d

Source: Sample

Nose: Spicy clove, oak, maple and some faint banana bread. Doughy, molasses and oddly creamy. Less oaky than expected due to the age but it’s still there in force.

Taste:​ Sweet and thick. Maple, clove, fruity cream. Very sweet, even with the wood influence. Little hot but surprisingly mellow for 130+ proof.

Finish: Long, complex. The heat grows, but not to unreasonable intensity. Very sweet, oaky and toffee forward.

Overall: This is a fantastic rye. I’ll be straight, I like it a lot. I’d drink it all of the time if I could. To me, I still think THH is the king of non-unicorn rye, because that profile just gets me going but this is a close contender. The mouthfeel is great and the flavors deliver well. I disagree with Murray on this being the best whiskey of 2016 but it’s certainly a good pick. If it was priced at $100 or below, and was actually accessible, I’d pick up a bottle or two a year. But since the secondary has gone bonkers, I’m also content to leave it to the freaks. I’m rating this a Rank 8 – very good. On par, to some, with THH but I think this lags behind, just a hair.
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Rank: 8


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