Review #318. Balcones True Blue

Day 318 – Balcones True Blue

Whiskey Network Review #318 | /r/Bourbon Review #179 – Balcones True Blue, pf | % ABV

Distiller: Balcones (Texas)

Mash: 100% Corn

ABV: 62.1%

Other: NCF | NCA

Nose: Corn, corn bread, toffee, caramel, vanilla, sweet cream

Taste: It’s a bit hot, but the proof is up there. Lots of corn, sweet cornbread funk, vanilla, toffee, caramel, really sweet but not cloying. The mouth feel is nice and oily. Really quite nice.

Finish: It’s a bit hot here and grows sort of one note. Oaky, woody, mildly astringent but still very sweet. Lots of cream, vanilla here.

Overall: This isn’t an everyday dram but it’s really quite good and I like the change of pace with the 100% corn mash. You can really see the difference here and I like it a good deal. The proof is great, I love to see the cask strength. I’m going to Rank this with a 6 rating. If the finish was a little more polished it might have snuck up to Rank 7. Still delicious, though, and I enjoyed it a whole lot.

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Rank: 6

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