Review #319. Ellenstown 10

Review #319 – Ellenstown 10

Whiskey Network Review #318 | /r/Scotch Review #132 – Ellenstown 10yr, 116pf | 58.0% ABV

The Rub: From what I can gather, this is an independent bottling, at cask strength, of 10yr old Ardbeg spirit. This used to retail from K&L for $49.99 but it now long gone. Someone please be kind enough to correct me if I’m mistaken.

Distiller: Ardbeg

Bottler: Ellenstown (IB private bottling of Ardbeg by all accounts)

ABV: 53.6% | 107.2 pf

Maturation: Ex-Bourbon

Nose: Death, dying and fire. Classic Ardbeg car crash burning telephone pole. Smokey, ashy, mildly sulfurous. Faint hint of some vanilla and sweetness but it’s quickly crushed by fire.

Taste: Rich mouthfeel. Rich fruity sweetness. Passion fruit, vanilla, pepper, and then the smoke hammer. Burnt rubber, ashy, woody. The sweetness and the smoke blend beautifully here.

Finish: Long. Smoky, then sweet. Then smokey again, trailing off.

Overall: This is crazy good compared to regular Ardbeg 10. I’m really a fan of this and I was only sort of a fan of Ardbeg 10 but the proof here does great things. All things considered, I really enjoy Laphroaig’s take on peat compared to Ardbeg..but this is a step above for Ardbeg’s typical offerings. I’m going to give this a Rank 6 – very good and a great experience. For comparison, the OB Ardbeg 10 expression garners a Rank 5 when I consult my archive.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 6

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