Review #324. Tobermory 19yr Montgomeries

Review #324 – Montgomerie’s Tobermory 19yo

Whiskey Network Review #324 | /r/Scotch Review #136 – Toberymory 19yr Montgomerie’s

Distillery: Tobermory

Bottler: Montgomerie’s

Nose: Hugely floral, cream, vanilla, anise

Taste: Sweet, creamy fruity floral. strawberry, lemons pepper, great mouthfeel, mild astringency from the floral notes

Finish: Short but fruity, floral and delicious. Lots of raspberry, lemon, confectioners sugar

Overall: This reminds me of a Glenturret sample I have in the hopper – sweet, floral, Dole fruit cocktail syrup. Just delicious. I like this a LOT. Hence, I’m giving it a Rank 7. TObermory hasn’t been on my radar that much in the past but they just landed themselves squarely on the map.

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Rank: 7

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