Review #326. Highland Park 28yr Cadenheads

Review #326 – Cadenheads Highland Park 28yr (55.3%)

Whiskey Network Review #326 | /r/Scotch Review #138 – Cadenhead’s Highland Park 28yr, 110.6pf | 55.3% ABV

Distiller: Highland Park

Bottler: Cadenhead’s

Additional Info: Really freakin’ old.

Nose: Sweet fig, grape, dates, cream and vanilla. Some faint smoke, oak, a little dry.

Taste: Sweet buttercream and cocoa – like dessert. Great mouth feel. jammy raspberry, lemon cake, cocoa, rich smoke wisp, mild salt and pepper.

Finish: Loooong, complex and a hint of smoke. Sweet, jammy fruity. Delicious dessert meets a hint of smoke.

Overall: This was a really amazing and delicious dram. I wish I had a bottle of it – this is a really great example of the HP profile, in my eyes. Rich, fruity, vanilla, with just the right balance of their HP smoke trace in the background. This was really something special.

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Rank: 8


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