Review #334. Four Roses Private Selection OESK Rileys

Review #334 – Four Roses OESK Private Selection Riley’s Pick

Whiskey Network Review #334 | /r/Bourbon Review #182 – Four Roses OESK, Rileys Pick, 114.6pf | 57.3% ABV

Distiller: Four Roses (Kentucky)

Mash: 20% High Rye Mash

ABV: 57.3% ABV | 114.6pf

Age: 9 Years, 6 Months

Pick: Rileys

Barrel: Warehouse EN Barrel 52-3V

Source: Bottle I Purchased

Nose: Sweet, fruity, sticky toffee, some all spice and cocoa. Rich vanilla

Taste: sweet spicy vanilla nougat fruity berries cocoa clove and allspice. Thick oily mouthfeel

Finish: Long and very rich. Very complex and enjoyable

Overall: Sad to see this go – I really loved this bottle. I’m giving this a rare 8. I’m sincerely sad it’s gone and it didn’t take long either.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 8

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