Review #335. Westland Sherry Cask

Review #335 – Westland Sherry Cask

Whiskey Network Review #335 | /r/Bourbon Review #183 – Westland Sherry Cask , 92pf | 46.0% ABV

Distiller: Westland (Seattle, WA)

ABV: 46% ABV | 92 Pf

Maturation: Sherry cask

Source: r/scotchswap sample

Nose: Sweet dough, caramel, vanilla, syrupy fig, very sherry heavy, leaning more towards raspberry/strawberry than cocoa and grapes

Taste: Rubber, mild astringency. Funky sweetness, thin mouthfeel, thin raspberry strawberry jam, mild sulfur.

Finish: Short, fruity, but dissipates quickly, odd heat.

Overall: I’m really taken aback by this dram – I expected to want to bathe in it. It has everything I like and enjoy…single malt, sherry, decent proof. But it’s funky, hot, thin and just weird. This has tempted me locally about 1.3 gajillion times and I”m so glad to not have bitten on a bottle because this is frankly disappointing, especially for the price. As a test, I let it sit out for an extra half hour to see if some air helped it pull its shit together but that was disappointing also. Alas, this is just the first Westland of many to come, so I’m hoping it only goes up from here! I’m giving this a Rank 4.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 4

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