Review #350. Very Old Fitzgerald 1954

Review #350 – Very Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond 1954
Whiskey Network Review #350 | /r/Bourbon Review #195 – Very Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond 1954 , 100pf | 50% ABV

Recently, a monster storm rolled in. I took off early from work in the afternoon to be home and enjoy the falling snow and decided it was the perfect afternoon to uncork some of the bigger guns I’ve been meaning to review. Snowed in, nowhere to have to go…it was the perfect recipe. Let’s dive in!

Snow Day Series: Dram 5 – Very Old Fitzgerald

Distiller: Stitzel Weller (DSP-KY-16)

ABV: 50.0% ABV | 100pf

Age: 8yrs

Distilled: 1954

Bottled: 1962

Source: Bottle

The Rub: People open these bottles? They fuckin’ do. Cracked this baby with friends a while back and we all enjoyed some lost profits. I realized I haven’t reviewed it, so, today seemed like the perfect day as well.

Nose: Old parchment. Dusty leather. Sweet cherry dark chocolates. Deep toffee. Sitting for a bit lets it open up a bit to release tons of deep toffee, thich cola and rich caramel notes. Quite distinctive from the 1973 6yr BiB I reviewed a while back. I could sit and smell this literally all day, and all night long. If they made a Glade plugin…I’d consider it.

Taste: Medium on the palate in terms of heat but thick and rich. Caramel. Toffee. Oily with some parchment, almost a little dusty or leathery. Lots of cherry, dark cocoa, toffee. Really chewy and delicious.

Finish: Long, no heat to speak of. There’s a surprising amount of oak here to play with the sweetness. Just phenomenal.

Overall: Wowza. 350 reviews and each has been a pleasure. This snow day couldn’t be any better. This is a phenomenal dram and quite distinctive from the 73. Little more delicate, little more oak / parchment notes. Still a caramel / cherry / cocoa bruiser, though. Very delicious. Glad I opened it and was able to share with friends on a few occasions. Rank 9. But alas, the snowday continues and there’s one or two stragglers yet to come.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 9

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