Review #353. Noahs Mill

Review #353 – Noah’s Mill

Whiskey Network Review #353 | /r/Bourbon Review #197 – Noah’s Mill, 114.3pf

Bottler: Willett

ABV: 114.3pf

Age: NAS

Source: /r/scotchswap sample

Nose: Sweet cinnamon and sugar. Lots of clove. Spicy rye notes with some fruity cinnamon. This is a bourbon, but has a lot of high rye notes to it. Almost like cinnamon toast crunch cereal. Odd, but accurate.

Taste: Fruity, sweet and clove heavy. Medium mouthfeel – liking this proof. Some passion fruitness, brown sugar and maple. Some aggressive astringency on the back end though.

Finish: Medium length but growing a but hot and definitely astringent. The nose was so great – what’s happening here?

Overall: This is an ok product but it’s flaws become egregiously clear the more the dram continues on. The nose is undoubtedly the best part. I’ve never had an opportunity to try the 15yr age stated Noah’s Mill but I certainly hope it was superior to this. I don’t take price into account but for the $55 – $65 that this seems to be generally available at, I’d pass in lieu of many other delicious things. I’m giving this a Rank 4 – there are some flaws and they’re difficult to overlook. I need to get my paws on the age states version.

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Rank: 4

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