Review #359. Four Roses Private Selection OESV Brunos

Review # 359 – Four Roses OESV (Bruno’s Pick)

Whiskey Network Review #359 | /r/Bourbon Review #200 – Four Roses OESV Bruno’s Pick, 129pf | 59.5% ABV

Distiller: Four Roses

Bottler: Four Roses

Recipe: OESV?

ABV: 59.5% ABV | 129pf

Age: 10yr6mo

Pick: Bruno’s

Barrel: 39-4C

Source: r/scotchswap Sample

Nose: brown sugar, vanilla, cream, cinnamon. It’s like cinnamon sugar toast almost. Some minor spice, but in a dessert manner. Not really too floral or too fruity.

Taste: Thinner mouthfeel than expected. Sweet sugar, vanilla, poundcake, dough. Really rich despite the odd lack of mouthfeel.

Finish: Long, some heat and a little introduction of clove and more cinnamon. Still nice and sweet and this baby leaves line a wonderful dessert.

Overall: I usually don’t like V recipes but this is yum. Rank 7

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 7

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