Review #366. Wild Turkey Forgiven

Review #366 – Wild Turkey Forgiven

Whiskey Network Review #366 | /r/Bourbon Review #204 – Wild Turkey Forgiven, 91pf | 45.5% ABV

The Schtick: Wild Turkey Forgiven is supposedly the result of an “accident” on premises that resulted in a bourbon and rye blend a la Bourye (from High West).

Distiller: Wild Turkey

Bottler: Wild Turkey

Mash: 78% 6 year bourbon | 22% 4 year rye

ABV: 91pf | 45.5% ABV

Age: Blend of 6 yr Bourbon and 4 yr rye

Nose: Sweet fruity cream. Corn, bazooka bubblegum (wtf), mild clove. Heavy cream. This is the mother of all strange. Not spicy or earthy like Bourye from High West

Taste: Thin mouthfeel, much better though. Tastes like a bourbon – vanilla, clove, mild oak with a tinge of spice on the back of the palate. Thin, almost universally sweet though and borderline cloying.

Finish: Short. Astringent then a wallop of sweet cream. Some turkey spice but then it’s all gone.

Overall: Uhm, whoever forgave this was not in their right mind. It’s funky, overly sweet and thin with very little rye characteristic showing through. In addition, the bourbon that trumps the rye isn’t even that great. Rank 4.

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Rank: 4

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