Review #377. Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit 2004

Review #377 – Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit 2004

Whiskey Network Review #377 | /r/Bourbon Review #214 – Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit

The Schtick: Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit is a single barrel Wild Turkey product aged somewhere from 8.5ish to 9.5ish years. It’s bottled at 101 proof with a mashbill consisting of 75% corn, 13% rye and 12% malt.

I’m doing these blindly. The sample has been revealed to me, post review, in order to title and add in the details for this review.

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit

Distiller: Wild Turkey

Bottler: Wild Turkey

ABV: 101pf | 50.5% ABV

Age: NAS (8.5-9.5yrs)

Bottled: 3/4/2004

Source: r/scotchswap sample

Barrel: Warehouse C Rick 15 (Non-Store Pick)

Nose: Really nice oak and cocoa. Toffee, vanilla, caramel. No astringenct or overly tannic stuff here.

Taste: Nice mouthfeel. Pretty rich and sweet. Reminds me a lot of the previous non-pick I did. Sweet, but with less tannic oaky notes. Lots of vanilla. Some good clove here. Not too spicy. Caramel. It almost tastes a bit like a dessert dram without a lot of astringency dragging it down. Almost doughy at times, like a good loaf of a sweet bread or a pastry.

Finish: Long, sweet and lovely. I dare say that this is the best of the bunch finish wise, also. All sweetness, some nice musty sweetness like a dough here also.

Overall: I think this might be my favorite of the bunch. Solid, sweet, leaning a hair sweeter and more toffee vanilla forward rather than dry and tannic and oaky. Really nice here. I think this ties with my other two favorites for a Rank 7. I think the general consensus here on WTKS is pretty clear. When it’s on, it’s on. When it’s not….run.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 7

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