Review #381. Zaya 12

Review #381 – Zaya #12 Rum

Review #381 | /r/Rum Review #2 – Zaya “12” Rum

This is supposedly a blend of 12 rums. Zaya used to carry a 12yr age statement but that was replaced with the “12” designation. My guess is that the 12 rums are just 12 young versions of zaya, all carrying slightly different, albeit young, age statements. Zaya used to be produced in Guatemala but is now a product of Trinidad.

Distiller: Trinidad Distiller’s LTD. (Trinidad)

Bottler: Zaya

ABV: 80pf | 40% ABV

Age: NAS

Bottled: 2016

Source: Bottle, purchased

Nose: Artificial sweetness, much like cotton candy, cough syrup and splenda. There’s some brown sugar and molasses. Little overripe fruit.

Taste: A light amount of heat. Cloyingly sweet. Funky, artificial molasses and candied fruits note. Then the weird really starts to roll in. Pink cotton candy. Cherry cough syrup. Splenda. There is something pretty well off in the palate – it tastes very artificial.

Finish: Short, with an odd amount of heat for 40%. Still sweet, and still cloying.

Overall: Overall, I really didn’t enjoy this bottle. I regret not being able to try the old 12yr age stated product before trying this. I would very solidly classify this as a mixing rum, or something to use in cocktails. Sipping neat, it’s flaws are very evident. The artificial notes here are too much to bring this in line with other products, even of similar price.

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Rank: 3

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