Review #382. Plantation Stiggins

Review #382 – Plantation “Stiggin’s Fancy” Pineapple Bark Infused

Review #382 | /r/Rum Review #3 – Plantation “Stiggin’s Fancy” Pineapple Bark Infused

This rum was created by Plantation as a tribute to Reverend Stiggins – historically known to enjoy pineapple rum in Dicken’s works. The lore of advertising tells us this was never supposed to come to market but was released, a victim of it’s own success, after a tasting at a spirits group in 2014 deemed it to be so.

Two runs of distillate are produced. Some portion of that is infused with pineapple bark and aged for 3 months. This is then married with un-infused product and aged again for 3 months in casks.

I don’t really care about the lore. Plantation, historically, makes pretty good product. This was on freak sale near me for $19 last summer. I’m finally getting around to reviewing it. I’ve been through a couple at this point.

Distiller: Plantation (Caribbean)

Bottler: Plantation

ABV: 80pf | 40% ABV

Age: NAS

Bottled: 2016

Source: Bottle, purchased

Nose: Apricot, pineapple, sweet toffee. Even a little bit floral. I recently had the pleasure of touring a pineapple plantation in Hawaii and this smells really similar to the nice plantation air.

Taste: Rich mouth feel, sweet toffee, overripe fruit and a generous helping of pineapple. There’s some sweetness here but to my palate it feels very natural. Not an “added sugar” kind of sweet, nor is it artificial or cloying. It’s just right. This makes it very pleasant to enjoy neat and I can think of about 15 cocktails I want to make with it.

Finish: Medium, very pineapple forward and then settles down. No heat.

Overall: Overall, this is a masterpiece. I had grave concerns with the first purchase that this would taste too pineapple-y, too sweet, cloying, artificial…the list goes on. It is none of that. This is a perfect product neat, on the rocks, with lime, with lime and soda water and the list is just endless. I don’t consider price in my rating but the fact that you can find this under $30 is just remarkable.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 7


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