Review #383. Golden Devil Single Cask Hampden 24yr

Review #383 – Golden Devil Single Cask Hampden 24yr

Review #383 | /r/Rum Review #4 – Golden Devil Single Cask Hampden 24yr

This is an independent bottling of a 24yo Hampden rum that has been bottled and spearheaded by Golden Devil and sold through K&L Wines. It is rare to see a well aged Hampden product here in the states.

Distiller: Hampden (Jamaica)

Bottler: Golden Devil Single Casks (KL)

ABV: 100pf | 50% ABV

Age: 24yr

Bottled: 2016

Source: Bottle, split

Nose: Funky, meaty, overripe fruit. This smells like a whallop of pit bbq followed by salinity and delicious earthy sweetness.

Taste: The nose is spot on to what I’d imagine for the palate. Sweet, rich mouthfeel that is a complete funk bomb. This tastes like I image the 1970’s felt. Funk-o-rama. It is delicious though. The bbq meat notes pair really well with some nutty earthiness and a great apricot, pineapple, passion fruit toffee sweetness.

Finish: Long. Rich and complex. No heat, but the flavor lasts for a long time.

Overall: Goes deliciously well with pistachio nuts. Random bit of trivia there. This is an incredible bottle and I wish I bought many, rather than merely splitting one with a friend. The complexity here is out of this world and if you like funky rums, this is an absolute must try.

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Rank: 9

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