Review #389. Wild Turkey 8 101 2014

​Review #389: Wild Turkey 101/8 (2014)

Review #389 | /r/Bourbon Review #221 – Wild Turkey 101 (2014)

The Schtick: Wild Turkey 101 is a NAS offering bottled at 101proof. The mash is standard but barrel entry proof varies based on the era in which the barrels were laid down.

I’m doing these blindly. The sample has been revealed to me, post review, in order to title and add in the details for this review.

Wild Turkey 101

Distiller: Wild Turkey

Bottler: Wild Turkey

ABV: 101pf | 50.5% ABV

Age: 8yr

Export?: Yes, Japan

Bottled: 2014

Source: r/scotchswap sample

Nose: Oaky and sweet. There’s nice turkey spice. Not really astringent at all. Sweet toffee, and there’s a faint hint of cocoa. Really toned down spices with more oak and sweets. Mmmm.

Taste: Nice mouthfeel. Not really noticeably thick but rich. Cocoa, toffee, some heat here but not tons. Very subdued. There’s some faint clove and allspice with big vanilla and caramel notes up front.

Finish: Medium to long with a little growing heat but still not bad.

Overall: I think this was really nice. It feels a bit older since the spice is less dominant and the sweet, rich notes are more at the forefront.

Reveal: 2014 WT 101 Japan 8yr Export

Welp…this age thing is hard. But the juice is delicious.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 7

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