Review #396. Hudson Maple Cask Rye

Review #396 – Hudson Maple Cask Rye

Review #396 | /r/Bourbon Review #226 – Hudson Maple Cask Rye

The Schtick: Is there one?

Distiller: Hudson

Bottler: Hudson

ABV: 46% ABV | 92pf


Source: r/scotchswap sample

Nose: Young, green, wet cardboard. Oats, damp grass. It smells young, musty and green.

Taste: Sweet, sweet, sweet. Funky maple notes but artifically grassy and damp. Cardboard, green, astringent. oddly like what I’d picture cardboard soaked in Aunt Jemima imitation syrup would be like blended up and diluted with street runoff. Entirely un-enjoyable.

Finish: Short, but still, somehow, far too long. Acetone and astringency are big here as is regret and more wet young rye cardboard notes.

Overall: I don’t know why I subjected myself to the entire dram but I secretly hoped it would improve. “More airtime”, I told myself. Well, that was a mistake. This is entirely awful, completely young and absolutely without much merit at all. It’s a young, underdeveloped rye with some maple finishing tacked on in hopes to mask some of the awful character. It fails. I can think of only a few things I’ve had as bad as this.

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Rank: 2

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