Review #698 – Mystery Bourbon Blend

Review #698 | /r/Bourbon Review #396 – Mystery Bourbon Blend

The Schtick: This was a blind mystery sample that was sent to me. I have made a guess and gotten the reveal to fill in the useful information here.

Distiller: Blend

Bottler: Gleaver49 (He made a personal bourbon blend and bamboozled me with it)

ABV: ??

Age: ??

Source: Sample

Nose: Heavy clove, floral caramel, smells like Four Roses but it’s much sweeter than I would expect. Tons of vanilla butter cream, clove, allspice, tobacco and pepper.

Taste: Thick, rich molasses. Hot, though. Maple, tobacco, molasses, floral clove and spice.

Finish: Medium length, minty, hot. Sweet cream, caramel, molasses.

Guess: I don’t really have any idea what this could be, so I’ll go off the nose. This may be a Four Roses private select but I’m really not convinced. It doesn’t have the cherry I get in stagg jr or ECBP but it was just as hot as they are. I’m guessing a craft product, at cask strength, with low rye mashbill.

Reveal/Overall: Bamboozled! This is a blend. Gleaver blended 60% of a Four Roses OBSF and 40% of a SAOS SiB 10yr. This explains a little, but I’m disappointed I abandoned by flimsy hunch and thought craft. Either way, this shit is always fun, and blind is the best way to learn. Thanks!

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 6

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