Review #4 – Door County Single Malt

Review #4, /r/bourbon Review #4 – Door County Single Malt

This is produced at the Door County Distillery in Door County, Wisconsin. A nice, small local distilling operation. A 100% Barley spirit, bottled at 80 proof. They give little information about their spirit so I’m just going to dive in. This isn’t bourbon whiskey, just an American made single malt.

Sampled neat from a Glencairn
Nose: Sugar, molasses and a huge floral punch
Mouthfeel: A little thin but coats nicely
Taste: Like shoving your face in a bouquet, the sweetness almost totally vanishes in lieu of a huge floral flavor. 
Finish: Sugary sweetness shows up a little bit, with a little vanilla. 
Overall: Not bad, not sure it’s worth the $20/350ml price but I’m always willing to give something local a shot every now and again; I’m not overly disappointed. I’m giving this a Rank 4. It’s not amazingly complex, or delicious. It’s just kind of there. A thin, sweet floral dram with no real complexity.
Rank: 4

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