Review #419. Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cask Strength

Review #419 – Johnnie Walker Blue Cask Strength​

Review #419 | /r/Scotch Review #166 – Johnnie Walker Blue Label (Cask Strength)

The Schtick: It’s the infamous Blue label! But at cask strength! In a bottle that could knock down a cast door!

Distiller: Various (Blend)

Bottler: Johnnie Walker

ABV: 55.8% ABV | 111.6pf

Age: NAS

Source: Sample

Nose: Honey, vanilla, light fruits like apple, honey dew, pears, doughy sweets. Bakery. No smoke. All honey and sweets.

Taste: Thick and rich – some good oiliness and a mild tinge of heat. Sweet, honey, vanilla, caramel, fruits, yeasty, dough, cookies, apples and pears. Faintest touch of smoke.

Finish: Long, wonderfully complex. Smoke makes an appearance here. Mildly smokey sweets. Sweet and savory. Honey, melon, doughnuts, mild smoke. Pepper. Faint salinity. Burnt toast. Smoke blends so nicely into the finish to balance the sweet fruit and honey notes.

Overall: Rich and sweet, proof is delightful. Perfect blend of sweet, fruity and mild smoke at the finish. This is what I wish more blends were like. This is almost Compass Box level quality, in my opinion. If this were available state side at a reasonable price, I’d probably be easily convinced to buy it.

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Rank: 7

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