Review #430. Copper and Kings Butchertown

Review #430 – Copper and Kings Butchertown​

Review #430 | /r/Brandy Review #1 – Copper and Kings Butchertown Reserve Cask Brandy

The Schtick: Copper and Kings is a relatively fresh upstart in the American distilling game. Based in Kentucky, they don’t produce bourbon, though. They produce American brandy via copper pot stills. I think they make pretty good product, and wanted to review this since I’m at the end of my bottle. Just a note, too, is that I’ll be condensing and posting armagnac and cognac reviews under the “Brandy” tag also, unless there is major outcry. S

Designator: American Brandy (Apple)

Distiller: Copper and Kings

Bottler: Copper and Kings

ABV: 62% ABV | 124 proof

Age: NAS

Maturation: ex-bourbon casks

Source: Bottle, purchased

Nose: Syrupy fruit, mildly oaky. Youthful astringency with some mild ethanol but a large dose of creamy vanilla makes up for this. Lots of apple, pear, raspberry, cocoa, vanilla and a nice hint of tobacco.

Taste: Thick and oily mouthfeel. Sweet but not cloying, fruity bouquet balanced well with some oak and vanilla. It’s very jammy and rich, with some clove, cinnamon and maple balancing, also.

Finish: Long and mild despite the proof. Very rich but not cloying sweet.

Overall: This is a great take on American brandy and the fact that is it NCA and NCF is also a really nice touch. This is especially great neat but also makes a killer brandy manhattan or old fashioned.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 7


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