Review #431. Copper and Kings American Brandy Binnys

Review #431 – Copper and Kings American Brandy, Binny’s Pick​

Review #431 | /r/Brandy Review #2 – Copper and Kings American Brandy, Binny’s Pick

The Schtick: Binny’s was able to pick a single cask of Copper and Kings brandy, bottled at 120pf.

Designator: American Brandy (Apple)

Distiller: Copper and Kings (Kentucky)

Bottler: Copper and Kings

ABV: 60% ABV | 120pf

Age: NAS

Maturation: ex-bourbon

Pick: Binny’s (Chicago, IL)

Source: r/scotchswap sample

Nose: Oddly muted but still very pleasant. Fruity and swet with a good deal of confectioners sugar and some pleasant floral notes. There is a lot of strawberry, apples and pears, some concord grape and unfortunately, a good deal of ethanol.

Taste: Sweet and definitely very characteristically American brandy. Fruity and rich, nice oily mouthfeel. Strawberry seems almost dominant here, with raspberry, cocoa, faint anise, vanilla and some very earthy concord grape undertones.

Finish: Long but a bit hot. Very fruity and sweet with some nice pepper rising to help balance.

Overall: Overall, this was great but a bit sweet. I understand the sweetness inherent in brandy but this was almost a bit too syrupy without good balancing characteristics. I’d still be happy to be handed a bottle of this, though, let alone a glass somewhere. Delicious product and really high quality for a variety of applications.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 6


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