Review #445. Russells Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon Lincoln Road

​Review #445 – Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon, Lincoln Road’s Pick​

Review #445 | /r/Bourbon Review #254 – Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon, Lincoln Road’s Pick

The Schtick: This is the final phase of Gobble Til You Wobble and I’ll be looking at both the Bourbon and Ryes that are sold under that line. Bourbons first, ryes second. This is a modern offering from Wild Turkey with the higher entry proof. It is diluted to 110 pf and sold as a single barrel offering across the nation. Many stores have been able to do picks of these products, and extra information is available as a result. It is, still, a NAS product, though.

Distiller: Wild Turkey

Bottler: Wild Turkey

ABV: 55% ABV | 110pf

Age: NAS

Barrel #: #2665, Rickhouse T, Floor 6

Source: r/scotchswap sample

Nose: Very pleasantly sweet, caramel, toffee, cocoa. Faint clove and baking spice, waffles, nutmeg. It’s almost like a subdued Saturday breakfast, doughy sweet waffles, maple, nutmeg and syrupy brown sugar. Overall, well balanced between sweet and spicy baking notes

Taste: Thick but some real prominent spice coming up here. No heat, though, which is an interesting departure from some norms – I’ve found these are either sweet and mild or spicy and astringent. I’ll take this nice complex balance, though. Clove and cracked pepper are very forward while some nice Turkey spice and vanilla cream blend in also. I’m not going to label it as “dusty” notes – but there is a lot of nice baking spice that blends with the vanilla and the sweet maple very well, rather than being more aggressive.

Finish: Short and astringent. Very clove heavy.

Overall: Well, rats. The nose and palate here were just incredible, but it all fell apart in the finish unfortunately. The nose and palate were wonderfully complex and balanced but unfortunately the finish because a short, hot, spicy mess which was disappointing. I was thinking this might reach up into an 8 which would be really impressive but after the finish, I’m left pretty disappointed. I will give some merit for just how great the palate was, though.

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Rank: 5