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Review #482 | /r/Scotch Review #172 – Clynelish 14

The Schtick: Clynelish is a Diageo owned distillery in Scotland. Typically, most of the distillery’s product has gone to blends until recent years bottles of pure single malt Clynelish have become more popular. Also, a good deal of Clynelish product ends up in IB’s. A common usual suspect is Compass Box, which favors Clynelish in a good deal of releases.

Distiller: Clynelish

Bottler: Clynelish

ABV: 46% ABV

Age: 14 Years

Source: Bottle, Purchased

Nose: Sweet honey, pears, faint sherry. Doughy yeast, vanilla, caramel and a faint hint of briny smoke. Very faint, but noticeable. Balances beautifully. Very fruity, floral and sweet.

Taste: Medium mouthfeel, nice and sweet though. Vanilla, honey, cream, floral sweetness, tart berries and some brine and smoke.

Finish: Long and pleasant. The smoke grows and balances very well against the sweet notes that are in abundance in the palate.

Overall: Man, this is delicious. I know it’s hip to crap on Diageo, but for what this is, it’s great. It’s dangerously drinkable, entirely pleasant and since I opened it, I’ve drank and enjoyed it all over the place. Most recently away preparing for a wedding (not mine). This is easy to rank well.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 7


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