Review #548. Koloa Rum Company Coconut Rum

Review #548 | /r/Rum Review #17 – Koloa Rum Company Coconut Rum

The Schtick: “Koloa Coconut Rum is made from the mash of raw Cane Sugar, distilled in an impressive vintage 1210 gallon steam powered copper pot still and cut with filtered water from the ancient Mount Waialeale.” – Koloa Website.

Anyways, no word on dosing in this product either but I don’t smell Type2 diabetes wafting out of this dram, so I imagine it has less sugar than Malibu. Which is good, because that’s a liqueur anyways.

Distiller: Koloa Rum Company

Bottler: Koloa Rum Company

ABV: 40& ABV

Age: None

Source: Mini from Sampler, Purchased

Nose: Sweet vanilla, coconut, faint anise, nice light coconut character with a light sweetness. Smells like natural coconut, not artificial coconut garbage.

Taste: Thicker mouthfeel, no heat. Really nice coconut character here – it’s easily the most prominent note here. Again, not syrupy sweet – it is effervescent and light, very natural. Light butter cream, faint lime zest, hint of plantain. Overall, it’s very natural and that’s a great thing. Doesn’t taste dramatically dosed.

Finish: Fairly long for the proof, lots of coconut.

Overall: This would make fine cocktails. I really enjoyed this because of how natural the coconut influence was – complete opposite of Malibu related products and in the best way. This would be great for adding nice character to cocktails.

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Rank: 6

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