Review #6 – High West Bourye (2015)

Review #6 | /r/Bourbon Review #6 – High West Bourye (2015)

The Schtick: This is a “bourye” – or, rather, a blend of Bourbon and Rye.

Distiller: Various (Barton, MGP)

Bottler: High West

Batch: B1504

ABV: 46% ABV | 92pf

Age: NAS (Blend)

Source: Bottle, purchased.

Nose: Much spice. Also some oaky wood and a nice peppery kick

Taste: A nice complex vanilla, caramel rye blend. I really like this over a lot of the other ryess that I have. There’s some alcohol burn but it really compliments the rye kick well and doesn’t make me feel like I’ve just done a beer bong straight from a gas pump. There’s a lot of depth and complexity, vanilla, toffee, some cocoa, nice rye clove. It’s sweet and it’s also got enough spice to balance very well.

Finish: Everything blends nicely on the way out, there’s a lingering spicy vanilla note all the way down and each sip I’m left hoping for another.

Overall: I have several of High West’s ryes but I think Bourye is my favorite, to date. It also consistently towers all over a lot of the other standard ryes that I have. Plus I’m partial to the jackelope, so there’s that.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 7


  1. Dean

    Man I hope the 2018 batch of this I found for $74.99 is as good as the one tasted here. Thanks for the detailed helpful review.

    1. Post

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