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Review #608 | /r/Bourbon Review #356 – Nathan Stone Mystery Dram

The Schtick: This was sent to me by WhiskeyOnAFencepost. I sampled, posted my notes live in the Discord server and got the reveal from him. It was a total blast, I enjoyed it the night of my recently passed birthday, and I love doing mysteries. Based on his reveal, I’ve filled in all of the pertinent info below.

Nathan Stone private select, a Van Winkle product bottled by Julian Van Winkle III for the Japanese Market. Exported in 1990.

Distiller: ???

Bottler: Julian Van Winkle (Nathan Stone Label Line)

ABV: 53% ABV

Age: ???

Source: Mystery Sample

Nose: Allspice, clove, caramel and toffee. I believe this to be an American Whiskey. The toffee is really prominent, as is a whole lot of clove.

Taste: Medium mouthfeel. Weirdly sweet. Oranges, vanilla, lemon lime. Seems almost too sweet to be a straight spirit, but it’s not syrupy so I’m just going to assume it’s a straight whiskey. There’s clove, allspice, faint rubber and faint astringency. This may be faintly peated, but I think it’s just the astringency. Still an American Whiskey.

Finish: Some oak present. This dram isn’t modern, guessing it’s old, especially based on the weird cloying fruit notes and a blend of astringency.

Overall: It seems too sweet at first but it settles down. Oak is present. I’m guessing this is a mid 90’s bourbon with a higher rye mashbill and bottled at an ABV between 45% and 50%.

Reveal: This is Nathan Stone – a funky export Van Winkle product destined for Japan. It’s not high rye and it’s actually bottled higher than 50% so I’m only sort of on the nose. I feel good picking up on those dustier, mustier, notes but it definitely took me for a ride. Thanks for the sample, Post!

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 7

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