Review #620. WhistlePig Single Barrel Cask Strength Rye 10yr The Wine and Cheese Place Selection

Review #620 | /r/Bourbon Review #362 – WhistlePig Single Barrel Cask Strength, The Wine and Cheese Place Selection

The Schtick: These are single casks of Alberta rye, aged at WhistlePig and bottled at cask strength. This was conducted as a mystery, and I messaged my notes to /u/gleaver49 for the reveal.

I promise I’m almost done wrapping up the Knob Creek Roundup

Distiller: Alberta (Canada)

Bottler: WhistlePig (Vermont)

ABV: 56.6% ABV

Age: 10 Years

Source: Sample

Nose: Sweet clove, allspice, caramel. Super fruity, waffles, rye notes. Really fruity and sweet.

Taste: Thick, rich, loaded with graham cracker. It’s definitely rye. Fruity caramel abounds…faint melon? Some heat but loaded with vanilla and honey. The rye character is there but it’s not MGP rye.

Finish: Long, some heat, lots of faint honey and clove. Caramel and vanilla are big here also.

Overall: This is too fruity to be Thomas Handy / Sazerac. I don’t think it’s a Russell’s Rye. The fruitiness makes me think Canadian but it had a lot more caramel and vanilla than I’m used to so Lot 40 CS? If not, a WhistlePig Single Cask? Those are my two best guesses since the fruitiness screams Canadian and those are the only two not shitty Northern ryes I can think of. Guessing proof is 50%+ since the heat is pretty present.

Reveal: WhistlePig Single Barrel Cask Strength Rye: The Wine and Cheese Place Selection

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 6/10

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