Review #667 – Four Roses Private Selection OBSF, Loch and Key Selection

Review #667 | /r/Bourbon Review #385 – Four Roses Private Selection OBSF, Loch and Key Selection

The Schtick: Four Roses releases single barrels of a specific recipe at cask strength as their private pick program. This is one of the best values in cask strength bourbon that heralds quality and availability, in my personal opinion.

Distiller: Four Roses

Bottler: Four Roses

ABV: 58.6 % ABV

Age: 9 Years, 1 Month

Source: Sample

Nose: Vanilla, toffee, some rich floral pepper. Fruity and spicy with a lot of prominent vanilla character. I always find myself impressed at how Four Roses can pull off a nice floral tone without getting too out there.

Taste: Sweet, loaded with toffee. Some nice oak character, some hearty tobacco and a rich fruitiness. There’s mild heat, but it’s in check. The combination of sweet, fruit, oak and vanilla is really pleasant here. Strangely like an apple pie.

Finish: Medium length with some faint heat. Nice fruity blended with some rich oak.

Overall: I enjoyed this. It was definitely a little different, but solid. Keep up the good work, 4R.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 6

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