Review #673 – Pusser’s 15yr Rum

Review #673 | /r/Rum Review #18 – Pussers 15yr Rum

The Schtick: Supposedly a special blend of 5 West Indies rum in the ol’ Royal Navy days – this modern expression is a blend of 5 rums, aged for 15 years that are sourced from Guyana and Trinidad.


Distiller: Blend

Bottler: Pusser’s

ABV: 40% ABV

Age: 15 years

Source: Sample


Nose: Sticky rum cake, overripe banana, guava, toffee, lime, faint oak.

Taste: Medium, no heat. Sweet, toffee, maple syrup, overripe fruit, honeydew, cocoa, milk chocolate

Finish: Medium no heat syrupy maple, brown sugar, molasses, overripe banana

Overall: This is fine but unremarkable. It’s a bit sweet, I think they went a hair overboard dosing, but the flavors are nice and the mouth feel is rich. I need to try other Pusser’s expressions but I bet an increase in proof would really help here.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 5

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