Review #684 – Springbank 12yr Cask Strength, Revisit

Review #684 | /r/Scotch Review #234 – Springbank 12yr Cask Strength (re-visit)

The Schtick: I originally reviewed this a long while ago, and want to give it some new attention since I got a sample in a trade again recently. This is a 12yr cask strength release from Springbank – you may also have experienced their distillate if you like Hazelburn or Longrow, although these are produced a bit differently.


Distiller: Springbank (Campbeltown)

Bottler: Springbank

ABV: 56.5% ABV

Age: 12 Years

Source: Sample


Nose: Honey and sweet desserts – doughy barkery sweets. Toffee, fresh baked bread. Sherry fruits, though light, are present. Faint pepper. Smoke is very mild. The sherry is prominent.

Taste: Medium to thick mouthfeel with some heat, although it is fairly well restrained. Sweet with meon, sherry fruit and a good deal of vanilla + toffee. Pepper is in the mix and then it gets good. Lots of nice peppery smoke rolls in and balances the sweets nicely.

Finish:Medium legth. No real heat here. Sweet and smoky. Good deal of faint sherry, rich toffee and nice peppery smoke.

Overall: This is an expression that is still managing to bring great quality to the table – and a delicious blend of sweet and smoky.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 7

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