Review #689 – Smooth Ambler Revelation Rum Rye Cask Finish

Review #689 | /r/Rum Review #2 – Smooth Ambler Revelation Rum, Rye Cask Finish

The Schtick: After drinking through several bottles of Smooth Ambler’s regular Revelation Rum and regrettably not reviewing a single one, I bring you a review of a sample of Revelation Rum that has received a nice finish in Rye casks. It still bears the 1990 distillation date. We have been told in the past though that the 1990 represents the youngest rum contained, with the oldest being distilled in 1985.

Revelation Rum, according to their website, is a blend of two Caribbean/Jamaican rums, one 26yr and one 28yr that are aged for a year in spent rye casks.

Distiller: ??? (Jamaica)

Bottler: Smooth Ambler (West Virginia)

ABV: 49.5% ABV

Age: NAS

Source: Sample

Nose: Sweet, toffee, overripe fruit. Rich cloying sweetness, maple, molasses, pepper and spice. It’s really tame in the funk department, the age really seems to calm down the estery character.

Taste: Medium mouthfeel, good blend of funk and sweet. Not much rye character, but it’s there. Some pepper. Toffee and rotting fruit.

Finish: Long, rich and sweet. Nice minty dill character coming in here, but it balances well with the earthy, fruity sweetness.

Overall: This is really quite nice. A cool experiment, and one I think works well.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 7

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