Review #7 – High West Double Rye! (2015)


Review #7 | r/Bourbon Review #7 – High West Double Rye!, Batch 14J27A


Nose: I get a really strange metallic smell along with some rye and dill notes. Hmmmm.

Taste: Really, quite spicey with some rubber and acetone notes at the end. This shit is funky.

Finish: Short and harsh compared to the other HW offerings. It leaves a really rough acetone feel in my throat, which I can’t say I totally love.

Overall: Okay, I might have sounded displeased but it’s not terrible. There’s some overarching notes that I don’t totally love but for the $31 I paid, I can’t really complain. It tastes young, potentially grainy and just not up to par with some other ryes I have on the shelf.

Rank: 4

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