Review #703 – Del Maguey Arroqueno

Review #703 | /r/Mezcal Review #5 – Del Maguey Arroqueno

The Schtick: This is a special edition release from Del Maguey totaling only 360 bottles.

“The magueys were roasted in a conical pit over hot rocks, buried with earth for three days, fermented with nothing but airborne microbes for thirty days, then twice -distilled very slowly in an ancient clay still with bamboo tubing the original, centuries-old Oaxacan, hand-crafted way.” – Del maguey site. Their site is hugely informative, and I am using their production information in place of mine below.

Village: Santa Catarina Minas

Palenquero: Florencio Carlos Sarmiento, Florencio Carlos Vasquez, Luis Carlos Vazquez

State: Oaxaca

Region: Valles Centrales

Maguey: Arroqueño

Agave Species: A. americana sub. oaxaquensis

Age of Maguey: 12-25 years

Elevation: 1540 M (5052 feet)

Roast Duration: 4-5 days

Type of Wood: Huizache, Algaroble, Plum, Oak, Zapote, Jacaranda, Mango, Jarilla, Eucalyptus, Araucaria, Castor, Pitayo

Milling: By hand with bats

Size of Tinas: 1450 L

Fermentation Duration: 15-25 days

Water Source: Spring

Still Type: Clay

Still Size: 100 L

ABV of Mezcal: 49%

Nose: Huge, floral nose. Very reminiscent of some Espadin’s, but more aggressive. Jasmine, lavender, mango, papaya, guava. Vanilla cream. honey. Really fruity, bold and floral.

Taste: Medium mouthfeel, sweet honey, sweet fruits and loads of floral essence. Fruit snacks, overripe citrus fruits, faint minerality.

Finish: Long, sweet and effervescent. Floral and sweet. Lots of guava, pepper and lavendar.

Overall: This was super nice, and probably one of my favorites so far. Everything was so bold, yet well balanced.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 7

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