Review #717 – Charbay R5, Hop Flavored Whiskey

Review #717 | /r/Bourbon Review #404 – Charbay R5 Hop Flavored Whiskey

The Schtick: This is a whiskey being made from hopped beer, coming from Charbay in California.

Distiller: Charbay

Bottler: Charbay

ABV: 49.5% ABV

Age: NAS

Source: Bottle, Purchased

Nose: Wet, sticky, caramel. Bready, hoppy, pepper, banana bread, hempy. Sweet, funky, malty, hoppy. Entirely unique.

Taste: Medium, oak, caramel, funky sweetness. Hemp, toffee, caramel canides, IPA/beer notes, some heat.

Finish: Medium length, funky and young, weird weed presence. Hops, toffee, coffee, sticky cinnamon roll.

Overall: This was a wild roller coaster of funky flavors. I enjoyed it, but having Charbay’s BC pick, and hoping this was close, it wasn’t close at all. It’s obvious that this is younger, different and the lack of proof also makes a significant difference. That said, it wasn’t actively flawed, but between this and Buffalo Trace, I know what I”d reach for on the daily.

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Rank: 4


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