Review #724 – Willett Family Estate 14yr Bourbon #2067

Review #724 | /r/Bourbon Review #407 – Willett Family Estate 14yr Bourbon, Barrel 2067

The Schtick: This was a mystery sample sent to me. I sampled it live in the Whiskey Network Discord and got the reveal in real time there as well. I have filled in the info here afterwards for ease of reading. Cheers to Post for the photo – his wife seems pretty jazzed about this bottle.

Willett Family Estate has been a NDP (non-distilling producer) for many moons before they took up their own distilling and bottling operations. This is a sourced barrel of unknown origin, bottled at cask strength at 14 years of age.

Distiller: ???

Bottler: Willett Family Estate

ABV: 63.3% ABV

Age: 14 Years

Additional Info: Barrel #2067, Bottle 102/102

Source: Sample

Nose: Sawdust, tobacco, honey, melon, waffles and syrup, cocoa. Some molasses,faint cherry.

Taste: Fairly rich, oak, pepper, tobacco, honey, molasses, cherries and earthiness. Melon is unmistakable, some heat.

Finish: Medium, some heat, drying, oaky, peppery, Medium length, more noticeable heat. Dirty, earthy, almost vegetal, sweetness dries up in favor of oak and tobacco.

Guess: This is well aged, well proofed distillate I haven’t had before. The heat is there and so is the oak presence. I’m guessing this is a bourbon 10-14 years bottled at 49-54% ABV. Extra oaky notes lead me to believe ECBP but there was a noticeable lack of extra bold cherry and toffee. The palate was extra dirty, earthy and fungal. I’m guessing this could be an orphan barrel, woodford product, or otherwise that I haven’t had before. The profile is new to me, in not a great way. The earthiness reminds me of Buffalo Trace mashbill 2 product but the heat is more than expected so it really could be a Willett Family Estate matching those criteria above, a SAOS SiB or maybe something else entirely but I really don’t think its MGP sourced.

Reveal: Willet Family Estate, 14 year bourbon, 63.3% ABV | 126.6 Proof, Barrel 2067, Bottle 102/102. Alrighty, getting closer and closer.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 6


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