Review #737 – Uberach Single Cask DTV

Review #737 | /r/WorldWhisky Review #27 – Uberach Single Cask D.T.V

The Schtick: This is a whiskey distilled at Bertrand that is matured in Domaine La Tour Vieille casks. This Domaine produces Banyuls wines. This is another 100% Alsace French distilled product. More information on DTV can be found here.

Distiller: Bertrand (France)

Bottler: Bertrand / Uberach

ABV: 45% ABV

Bottle #: 258/310

Age: 45% ABV

Source: Sample

Nose: Plums, malt, sticky toffee and dessert pudding. Cocoa, honey, creme brulee. Really malt forward. Faintly musty.

Taste: Sweet, but thin mouthfeel. Some faint heat. Lactic, sour fruits, honey and plums. Some grape influence and with time in the glass, there is almost a mild smoke presence. Some faint pepper.

Finish: Medium length with some heat and a musty fruity profile.

Overall: Rich but almost too meaty / musty / malty. I think this could use a little more barrel time to balance out those notes. Not bad, but could use a little work. Interesting, all the same, though.

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Rank: 4


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