Review #748 – Bunnahabhain 4yr Peated BattleHill

Review #748 | /r/Scotch Review #251 – Bunnahabhain 4yr Peated BattleHill

The Schtick: This is a Total Wine house Independent Bottler release of peated 4 year old Bunnahabhain spirit that is bottled at cask strength.

Distiller: Bunnahabhain (Islay)

Bottler: BattleHill (Total Wine)

ABV: 58% ABV

Age: 4 Years

Source: Bottle

Bottle: 1 / 1152

Nose: Honey, melon, doughy. Meaty, peppery with lots of earthy, ashy peat. This is more ashy and less vegetal than some Bunnahabhain’s I’ve had, but it is very nice, all the same.

Taste: Sweet and doughy. Medium mouthfeel with some mild heat. Not at all punishing. Peaty, earthy, and ashy. There is a nice vanilla cream component that blends well with some faint, waxy fruits and lemon reduction.

Finish: Long and growing more hot, but sweet and peppery. Good balance here.

Overall: I am very impressed at just how well this fared for being so young. This would have absolutely thrown me for loops left and right if it was experienced blind. Overall, this was a quality dram that balanced raw, young peat and smoke with some nice vanilla and faint fruit notes. I was very wary of BattleHill since it is a TW house brand IB, but this gives me some introductory trust in their picks. I will have to see if they continue to release good picks with relatively good value in the future. Heaven knows that most on their shelf right now are priced to a significant premium.

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Rank: 6


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