Review #754 – Barrell Bourbon Batch 004 (Rum Finish)

Review #754 | /r/Bourbon Review #418 – Barrell Bourbon Batch 004 (Rum Finish)

The Schtick: This is a sourced bourbon that is finished in rum casks, released under the Barrell line. This is sourced from an undisclosed Tennessee distiller and is barreled at cask strength.

This was sent to me as a blind sample. I reviewed it live on the official Whiskey Network Discord server and got the reveal so that I could type up this review.


Distiller: ???

Bottler: Barrell

ABV: 61.25% ABV

Age: 7 Years

Source: Sample

Nose: Muted, ethanol, caramel, overripe mango, citrus, faint molasses. Smells rummy but could also be a weirdly floral bourbon. Not rye, not scotch.

Taste: Medium mouthfeel but hot! Pretty hefty heat. Sweet though and features prominent caramel, toffee and pepper. Dose of ripe fruits, oak, tobacco, musty banana, papaya, mango, rubber.

Finish: Long, rich but also hot. Rummy and loaded with honey, vanilla, mild funky heat, toffee and rubber.

Overall / Guess: This could be a super fruity bourbon but I’m going out on a ledge here. I think this is rum. May come back to bite me. Guessing a cask strength rum, mildly dosed if at all. Maaaaaaybe Jamaican, but thinking Guyana or Trinidad. 6-9 Years, 58%-63% ABV.

Reveal: Barrell Bourbon Batch 004 Rum Finish. Dang. I was so close to guessing a bourbon, but the sweetness threw me for a loop. Really interesting and glad to see I got almost dead on the stats. This must use fairly wet barrels because the rum-ness of it was really pretty heavy. Good stuff though.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 6


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