Review #762 – Barrell Whiskey Batch 004

Review #762 | /r/Bourbon Review #422 – Barrell Whiskey Batch 004

The Schtick: This is a sourced bourbon that is finished in rum casks, released under the Barrel line. Coincidentally, this is the same as a blind sample I had a couple weeks ago. I have several more batches of Barrell Whiskey and Bourbon so this will be the first entry in a mini series of sorts.

“Barrell Whiskey 004 was distilled in Indiana and Tennessee and aged for 11 years in used American oak barrels, then finished in rum casks and rye barrels and bottled in Kentucky at 120.6 proof. We selected barrels of a Tennessee bourbon and an Indiana whiskey for this batch. Separately, the two whiskeys were finished in either rum casks left over from Barrell Rum Batch 001 production, or rye barrels to add structure and spice. We made four combinations: Tennessee whiskey finished in rum casks, Tennessee whiskey finished in rye barrels, Indiana whiskey finished in rum casks, and Indiana whiskey finished in rye barrels. We then selected and blended a number of barrels of both whiskeys with both finishes to create something really special.” – Barrell’s Website


Distiller: ???

Bottler: Barrell

ABV: 61.25% ABV

Age: 7 Years

Source: Sample



Nose:  Sweet honey, gingerbread, vanilla and caramel, really sweet vanilla and a hint of rum funk.

Taste: Medium, definite rum funkiness, some heat. Sweet caramel, deep pepper, toffee and rich underripe bananas. Heat is searing, though. Definitely hugh proof.

Finish: Long, really nice estery rum funk springs to life here. Blending with se heavy clove ans vanilla influence, this is really delicious and interesting. Definitely finished in an estery rum.

Overall: A bit hot but totally good and totally fascinating.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 6



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