Review #767 – Bunnahabhain 14yr PX

Review #767 | /r/Scotch Review #259 – Bunnahabhain 14yr PX

The Schtick: This was sent to me as a blind sample. I reviewed it blind on the Whiskey Network Discord server and get the reveal after posting my notes. I have filled in the relevant details after the reveal for convenience.


Distiller: Bunnahabhain (Islay)

Bottler: Bunnahabhain

ABV: 54.3% ABV

Age: 14 Years (2003-2017)

Source: Sample


Nose: Rich honey, sweet brown sugar, maple, sticky dessert buns, pastries, grapes, figs, dates, toffee, sherry.

Taste: Rich mouthfeel, sherry, maple, tobacco, sweet, spicy and rich. Brown sugar, thick stewed fruits, sweet and really complex.

Finish: Long, some heat. Maple, cocoa, peppe, fig, dates, sugar, tobacco and blackberry currant.

Overall / Guess: This is really interesting and it’s overpoweringly sweet in the sherry department. I’m guessing that this is of Benriach or Bunnahabhain origin, 12-15 years old, 55%-60% ABV and it has been finished or matured in wine casks.

Reveal: Bunnahabhain 14yr PX. Finally getting closer on some of these blinds. This was a delicious dram, and there are few things I have had as sherried as this, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 8




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