Review #791 – Yamazaki 12yr Single Malt Whisky

Review #791 | /r/WorldWhisky Review #33 – Yamazaki 12yr

The Schtick: This is a 12 year old expression released from the Yamazaki distillery in Japan. Coming to market first in 1984, it was one of the original forerunners of Japanese whiskey.

Distiller: Beam/Suntory

Bottler: Beam/Suntory

ABV: 43% ABV

Age: 12 Years

Source: Miniature Bottle

Nose: Buttered pecans, floral, ethanol. There’s loads of apples and pears here.

Taste: Thin to medium mouth feel, some heat. Lots of vanilla, some walnuts. Apples and pears, faint melon, lots of buttery pecan again.

Finish: Short, some heat. Vanilla, creamy tobacco, apples, pears and some oak.

Overall: Nice and sweet but not super complex.

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Rank: 5



  1. Dean

    No wonder a buddy of mine refuses to buy Japanese Whisky now at the prices they command. Yamasaki 12 year is hovering around $150 per bottle. From this review it sounds no where near $150 good. Thanks for saving me money. I’ll tell my buddy he was right. Thanks for the honest review.

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