Review #793 – Ledaig 7yr r/Scotch Selection

Review #793 | /r/Scotch Review #268 – Ledaig 7yr r/Scotch Selection

The Schtick: This is an old selection from Ledaig (Tobermory) that was also the first ever r/scotch single cask selection. It is from Ledaig, which is peated distillate from the Tobermory distillery in Scotland. It was matured in a sherry cask, bottled at cask strength and is the final bottle from the lot.

Distiller: Ledaig (Tobermory)

Bottler: Ledaig (Tobermory)

ABV: 59.2% ABV

Age: 7 Years

Bottle: 110/110

Source: Sample

Nose: Sweet, bready, sticky toffee. Salt, minerals, sweet fruitiness, rich sherry and cocoa.

Taste: Medium mouth feel, no heat. Sweet cream, super thick cherry syrup. Sherry fruits. Peat swoops in, it is a nice ashy, woody peat with a pretty significant smolder. Lots of pepper, tobacco,  stone fruits.

Finish: Long, smoldering ash and wood smoke. Like breathing out a campfire. Sweet caramel abounds, as does rich stewed fruits.

Overall: This is maddeningly delicious, and I wish I was around when this bottle first came to fruition around these parts.

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Rank: 7


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