Review #797 – Benrinnes 2007 10yr Old Particular Single Cask #12093 Shiraz

Review #797 | /r/Scotch Review #270 – Benrinnes 10 Year Old 2007 (cask 12093) – Old Particular (Douglas Laing)

The Schtick: This was a blind sample that was sent to me. I reviewed it live on the Whiskey Network Discord server, then got the reveal in order to fill in relevant details here.

“10 year old single malt from the Benrinnes distillery, selected by Australia’s Woodstock Wines and independently bottled by Douglas Laing for the Old Particular range. This whisky was distilled back in April 2007, and before bottling in October 2017, it was treated to a finishing period in a Woodstock The Stocks shiraz hogshead! 294 bottles were produced.” – Master of Malt

Distiller: Benrinnes

Bottler: Old Particular (Douglas Laing)

ABV: 57.4% ABV

Distilled | Bottled: 4/2007 | 10/2017


Age: 10 Years

Source: Sample

Nose: Floral, bread-y, yeasty and peppery. Stone fruits, meaty, earthy. Overall, it’s pretty a pretty spicy, yeast-y nose. No peat or smoke.

Taste: Medium mouth feel, some heat. Bread-y, lots of pepper here. Jammy and sweet with a nice caramel presence. Tobacco, sulfur.

Finish: Long, and rich. Lots of pepper. Super juicy, almost in the same vein as an Oregon Pinot Noir. Meaty, lots of body. Rich cocoa, earthy pepper.

Overall + Guess: This was really delicious, and had complexity all over the board. I’m going to guess Highland Park, Scapa or Tobermory based on the minerality, bread-y and yeasty qualities. I think it is 8-12 years old, bottled at 55% – 60% ABV and features some sort of wine finish. Maybe madeira based on how jammy and fruity it was.

Reveal: Benrinnes 10 Year Old 2007 Shiraz – very interesting. Interesting to see an Old Particular abroad, and with a Shiraz maturation, no less. That said, it was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish I had picked up on the Shiraz influence more but I attributed more of the earthy, meatiness to base spirit than I should have. All in all, it was interesting, complex and I enjoyed the body that the shiraz brought to the Benrinnes spirit.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 7


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