Review #8 – Sazerac Rye (Baby Saz)


Review #8 | /r/Bourbon Review #8 – Sazerac Rye

This Schtick: This is a 6 year old straight rye with a barely legal rye mashbill produced by Buffalo Trace. This is often called ‘Baby Saz’ as a homage to it’s Antique Collection older brother, the 18 year old Sazerac Rye. This is the same mashbill as Thomas H Handy, also, but it’s not barreled at cask strength.

Nose: Pepper, caramel, butter and a nice spicy kick at the end

Taste: To me this is much much sweeter than a lot of other ryes, I get a TON of butter and sugar, with heavy vanilla seeping in before a nice rye finish. Despite its relative youth everything blends nicely into one another.

Finish: Medium, although also well blended. There’s that rye spice but it doesn’t kick you in the face. The butter and vanilla are there also.

Overall: I’ve been told this is somewhat hard to find and I totally understand why. For the price and the age, this is a great dram. I snagged it for just under $30 and it’s absolutely well worth every drop. To me, this blows Double Rye! out of the water for less on the sticker and I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.

Rank: 6

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