Review #827 – 1986 Domaine de Baraillon 30 Year Old K&L Exclusive Armagnac

**Review #827 | /r/Brandy Review #26 – 1986 Domaine de Baraillon 30 Year Old K&L Exclusive Armagnac **

The Schtick: “Just in time for the 30-year birthday parties of 2016 comes the 1986 vintage from Domaine de Baraillon, one of the most beloved of the small Armagnac produces we work with exclusively here at K&L. The Claverie family has become renowned around our retail stores for their robust, rich, and old school brandies; spirits of grit, complexity, and power. This 30-year-old expression captures all of those elements entirely, bringing the intensity of an older bourbon with the dark fruit and caramel of a sherry-aged Scotch. It’s all made, however, on a tiny farm in the middle of Gascony. There are cows, chickens, and pigs running around the estate each time we visit. It’s the epitome of quaint country French spirit. And the spirit that derives from it!” – KLWines.

So, this blurb from our pals at KL gives us some info without really giving us any info at all. Thanks for that, friends.

This is a 30 year old Armaganac that has been picked exclusively for KLWines. Let’s see how it shakes out

Distiller: Domaine de Baraillon

Bottler: Domaine de Baraiilon (for KLWines)

ABV: 46% ABV

Age: 30 Years

Source: Sample

Nose: Rich, sweet syrupy. Tart cherry, molasses, brown sugar, oak, melon, toasted coconut. Toffee and caramel.

Taste: Rich, thick, fruity. Caramel, tobacco, oaky, nougat, butter cream, cocoa. Stewed fruits; cherry, currant, blackberry, dates. Really rich and complex, really a fan.

Finish: Long, no heat, rich fruitiness and dessert. Chocolate mousse, oak, pepper, tobacco, rich cherry, blackberry.

Overall: I really like everything about this. It’s sweet, it’s fruity, it’s savory, it’s rich and balanced. This is really well done, and even at 46% ABV, I think they hit the jackpot with this bottling.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 8


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