Review #844 – Willett Pot Still Bourbon

Review #844 | /r/Bourbon Review #452 – Willett Pot Still

The Schtick: This is supposedly a blend of 8-10 year old whiskies, according to murky internet information. The sample I am trying bears the small batch designation, although it once was a single barrel release. It is generally well accepted that this is a sourced product, with more and more of the blend being replaced by Willett produced bourbon as their stocks come of age. I will admit, it is sort of cute, as far as distillery produced and sold miniatures go.

Distiller: Various (Blend)

Bottler: Willett Family Estate (KBD)

ABV: 47% ABV

Age: NAS

Batch | Key: 16604|40004

Source: Gift Shop Mini

Nose: Corn, wet cardboard (mild), vanilla icing, faint clove

Taste: Thin, some heat. Corn, vanilla, grass, really not a lot going on here. Maybe faint oak.

Finish: Short, hot. Oaky, faintly musty, some vanilla. Astringent.

Overall: Not a lot going on here, it’s hot, muted palate paired with a short, astringent finish lands this squarely in multiple flaw territory.

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Rank: 3


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