Review #855 – Privateer Distiller’s Drawer Single Cask: Harvest Nectar (P33)

Review #855 | /r/Rum Review #36 – Privateer Distillers Drawer Single Cask: Harvest Nectar P33

The Schtick: This is a Privateer Single Cask referred to as Harvest Nectar. It is matured in third fill Four Roses casks.

This is a stock image from Privateer’s site, since I did not grab one from this bottle 🙁

“A single barrel experiment, this is the kind of rum our distilling crew loves. The gentle oak aroma from the third use cask allows the honey, dried nectarine, white rose, and marmalade aromas of the mature rum to come through. This is a great example of a blending tool used to add elegance and perfumed aroma to a blend. Age: 2 years 9 months Matured In: 3rd use cask (Four Roses Cask) Bottles Produced: 179….$1 from each bottle of Harvest Nectar will save the bees and be donation to the Pollinator Stewardship Council” – Privateer Website

Distiller: Privateer (Ipswitch, MA)

Bottler: Privateer

ABV: 47.4% ABV

Batch: P33

Bottle: One of 179 Produced

Age: 2 Years 9 Months

Nose: Honey, oranges, bubble gum, vanilla. Pepper. Not super robust, or complex, but pleasant.

Taste: Thin, no real heat. Low proof, for sure. Confectioners sugar, orange peel, pepper, vanilla cream, lemon lime, cake.

Finish: Short, rich oak (surprising), nice clove. Good spice here. Balances well against the substantial sweet in the palate.

Overall: Enjoyable, but a bit young, the mouthfeel could use some work and I’d like to see some more cooperation between the palate and the finish. No major complaints, though.

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Rank: 4

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